UPI boom in G20, new glory in front of foreign guests. | What will change by removing the name India?

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UPI boom in G20, new glory in front of foreign guests:

India has changed now. The country is moving forward rapidly on the path of progress. Digital has a big contribution to India's progress. Digital transactions have given a new look to the banking sector and the government has tried to give this message to the whole world through the platform of G20 Summit. 

The guests of G20 saw Digital India, that too from close quarters. India is no less than any developed country in technology. In this context, the strength of UPI has been shown at the G20 Summit. The guests who have come to visit should see the power of UPI. It is believed that at least a thousand foreign guests have come to participate in this conference. 

The government has made a plan to make everyone aware of UPI. All the guests who have come will be made aware of UPI. Under this one thousand rupee has been transferred to all the guests. They have told about the use of UPI. All the guests have been given up to ₹1000 added to their UPI wallet for doing UPI transactions as they do not have a bank account yet. 

A provision of ₹ 10 lakh has been made for this in India. The government is making a wallet of all the potential delegates. With the amount of ₹ 1000 added to the delegation's wallet, they will be able to purchase goods from the stalls at the summit venue. 

Various types of stalls have been set up in the summit venue, in which those things which are related to the tradition and culture of India have been kept. Many Khadi products are available. Guests will be able to purchase these items with the money in their wallet. When guests use UPI in their own hands, they will realize how easy digital transactions have become in India.


The government wants to capitalize on the success of UPI. The aim of the government is that the world should know how easily India has now made digital payments. How are people's lives getting better because of this? Apart from UPI, G20 delegates will also be made aware of India's Aadhaar and DigiLocker

The Government of India plans that the use of UPI should not be limited only to India, but it should be used in other countries also, people should use it. So far, Sri Lanka, France, UAE, and Singapore have partnered with India on growing fintech and payment solutions. Let us now tell you what is UPI . UPI is a Unified Payment Interface

India's mobile-based fast payment system that allows customers to make payments 24 hours a day using a virtual payment address created on behalf of the customer. UPI payment system has become very popular for retail digital payments in India and its adoption is increasing rapidly because it is very easy, UPI is being used not only in India but all over the world. 

Recognize it, embrace it. Therefore, there is an effort from the government's side and it is expected that the world will see and understand how far ahead India is, how developed, and how cutting-edge it is. How did you like the information? Let us know by commenting.


What will change by removing the name India?


The word India is being removed. The name of our country will remain only Bharat. The discussion regarding this has intensified. The discussion has intensified because, in the invitation letter sent by Rashtrapati Bhavan for dinner on September 9, the President of Bharat has been written. 

If the name India is removed then many names including those of many government institutions will change. Like the President of India will become the President of Bharat, the Prime Minister of India will become the Prime Minister of Bharat. The Parliament of India will become the Parliament of Bharat. The Supreme Court of India will become the Supreme Court of Bharat. 

Reserve Bank of India will become RBI instead of the Reserve Bank of Bharat i.e. RBB. The Reserve Bank of India will have to change the notes also. State Bank of India will become the State Bank of Bharat. The Election Commission of India will become the Election Commission of Bharat. Apart from this, the name of BCCI will have to be changed. 

The names of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy will also change. Indian Police Service and Indian Administrative Service will also have to be changed. The names of India Gate, Gateway of India, Digital India, ISRO, AIIMS, and IIT will also change. Meanwhile, former cricketer Virender Sehwag has made a big demand on social media platforms. 

In the World Cup, Bharat should be written instead of India on Team India's jersey. Sehwag has also tagged BCCI and its secretary Jai Shah in this post. Amid speculations about India's departure from the name Bharat, actor Amitabh Bachchan posted Bharat Mata Ki Jai on Instagram. 

The opposition leader says that the government has become nervous because of the name of their alliance being India. Therefore, preparations are being made to remove India from the name of the country. Given the increasing power of India, the Government of India has now written President of India instead of President of Bharat. What do you think about this matter? Do tell us by commenting.

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