Tata will soon enter the stock market with a new IPO. | Tata Group bringing IPO after 18 years; It will be a big opportunity for investors.

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Tata will soon enter the stock market with a new IPO.


In the past year, many IPOs came into the stock market. Some hit and some flop, but many IPOs only disappointed people, but now the news of such an IPO is coming out, which can benefit you a lot. By the way, one thing is to be believed if Tata's name is associated with someone, then that thing becomes pure gold.


Big Basket is one of those products of Tata which is slowly strengthening its hold in the market and it is expected that the IPO of this company can be brought to the market soon. Let us know some things related to this IPO. According to the latest information, Big Basket's full focus at this time is to increase its reach in All of India. 

Apart from big cities, the company is expanding its reach in smaller cities as well. Recently, Big Basket has also raised new funding, after which the valuation of the company has increased to $3.2 billion. This means it has become approximately ₹265 billion. The movement for the IPO of Tata Group's grocery company Big Basket has now intensified. 

For this, Tata Group has also prepared a big plan and you can also guess from a report of Bloomberg, according to which Big Basket may be listed in the stock market within the next 24 to 36 months. But before that, the company is focusing on raising a large number of private capital. Although companies like Reliance Industries and Amazon are already present in the retail sector, which are very big players. 

That's why the company's focus is on some more important things as well. As the company is expanding its reach across the country as well as strengthening the quick delivery segment through the BB Now service. Apart from this, Big Basket has also recently raised an amount of $ 200 million for its expansion. Also, the company can increase its supply chain stores. 

Right now the company is providing its service in 55 cities, and it wants to expand to 75 cities in the future. That is, the service wants to reach 75 cities. Also, the company is focusing on expanding its reach to the towns of the country. But you will say that there are many more players in this segment. Which was his strong IPO? 

It is also correct. Zomato has already brought IPO in this segment which did not live up to the expectations of the people. But at the moment Zomato's blinkit is expanding rapidly. Even if the IPO was not strong. At the same time, a startup company like Paytm has also launched an IPO, which could not show great success in the stock market. 

But experts believe that what goes in favour of Big Basket is that it is a Tata group company and this can act as a factor to make this IPO successful. For the rest of the time, we will have to wait for the IPO to come.


Tata Group bringing IPO after 18 years; It will be a big opportunity for investors.


There is good news for investors thinking of making money through IPO in the market. The business house of the country, Tata Group is going to bring an IPO after a long time. After 18 years, the IPO of a company of Tata Group is coming. Tata Motors has approved a partial stake sale in its subsidiary Tata Technologies through IPO. 

The board of Tata Motors has given its in-principle approval for the IPO of Tata Tech. That is, Tata Technology will become another company of the Tata Group to be launched in this market. Tata Technologies is a global product engineering and digital services company. Because of the huge demand for electric vehicles and aviation segments, Tata Technologies is planning to launch an IPO. 

Since 2004 till now Tata Consultancy Services i.e. TCS Tata Group's IPO had come. In this context, it will be the first IPO to come under the leadership of Tata Group Chairman N. Chandrasekaran, who became the chairman of Tata Group in 2017. However, Tata group has another IPO in line. 

The company has pre-filed a draft rate hiring prospectus for its IPO and DRHP has also been confidentially submitted to SEBI on 29 November. In this way, it has become the first company to have resorted to the pre-filing route for its IPO. Tata Motors has said that the IPO market condition of Tata Technologies will depend on internal approvals, regulatory clearance, and other things. 

According to the 2022 annual report of Tata Motors, the company has Tata Technologies has more than 74% stake. Significantly, in 2018, Tata Motors cancelled the deal to sell a 43% stake in Tata Tech to private equity company Warburg Pincus. The deal was happening for $360 million. 

The deal was called off due to the non-receipt of regulatory approval and internal performance challenges due to market conditions. The foundation of Tata tech was laid in 1989. The company also manufactures automotive, industrial heavy machinery, aerospace, and other engineering products. Tata Technologies is the largest of Tata's 25 verticals. 

Well, in the last year, the hands of the investors who were thinking of making big money by investing money in IPOs have remained empty. Now, if Tata Group brings its company Tata technologies into such a situation, then investors can once again get a chance to earn in the market.

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