How to Beat your Social Media addiction?

How are people waste their time on social media?

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Social media slowly became one of the biggest killers of your time. Although it can be a great way to find information, communicate with the people you care about, share positive content and gradually achieve your goals, it can also steal your time on not realizing it.

Once you set up an account on various networks that work for you, you are sure to create a habit of checking your timeline every day. Who knows, maybe 10 minutes in the morning for "having a quick look" turns into 2 hours in the afternoon when you're chatting with friends all over the world? You get used to seeing what others are doing or sharing content on these social channels.

When you sit anywhere and you take your mobile phone in your hand, then start looking at the screen of your phone and slowly you go on looking at the mobile phone and you forget how many hours you have been passed on social media.

As per the reports the people of India wasted three months out of 12 months just by looking at their mobile phone screens in the last year in 2021. Indian people are so addicted to social media with their mobile phones and the internet that they are spending almost five hours on their mobile phones a day.

India is the youngest country in the world. If the youth of India worked hard in the next 20 years, then India will become a superpower because the next 20 years will be the time to work hard for India. 

But if the situation remains like this, then Indian people will spend about four and a half years on social media in the next 20 years and spend six and a half years sleeping, and basically, the Indians will be wasting their time. Then when will these people work?

According to the study, in the year 2021, people of India spent almost three months out of 12 months of the year on social media. Apart from this, every Indian spends on an average four hours forty-five minutes every day on a mobile phone i.e. an average person is spending five and a half hours on social media. This time was four hours 30 minutes in a day in the years 2020.

And it was three hours 45 minutes in 2019. Slowly the people of our country are getting imprisoned on social media. And you can also call it the new age social media economy. The people of our country are becoming slaves of social media.

The youth spends an average of 5 hours a day on social media, so according to this, he will waste his 4 years and two months only on social media in the next 20 years, if he takes an average of 8 hours of sleep per day, then this like he will spend about 6 years 7 months in sleeping.

He will waste about 11 years in sleeping and in using mobile phones for social media out of his next 20 years, and the remaining 9 years the youth will make their country a superpower. However, even at this time, whether he would like to work hard to make the country a world guru, is also a big question.

Effect of social media on the young generation:

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The youth of our country do not want to take their eyes off the mobile phone, hats why it’s a big challenge for India. India is at the fifth number in the whole world in terms of wasting time on social media, which means how much time people spend in a day looking at social media, their laptop computer, or any other gadget.

Onwards Brazil is at 1st number, Indonesia is at 2nd number, South Korea is the third number and Mexico is at fourth number, while developed countries like Japan, Singapore, Canada, America, Britain, China, France, and Australia are far behind India. Similarly, India ranks second in the whole world in terms of downloading mobile apps. Last year in 2021, 2670 crore apps were downloaded in India.

However, China is in 1st number to download the 9,840 crore apps in last year. At present, there are more than 46 crore children in India whose age is below 18 years. If these 46 crore children make a separate country of their own, then it can become the third largest country all over the world as per population. Only Indian children's country.

Causes of Social Media Addiction:

Social media is now one of the most popular ways to stay in touch with friends and family. However, social media has been abused to the point that it has become one of the biggest time wasters.

Here are some of the reasons why you are struggling to control your social media addiction:

1. You are constantly checking your timeline.

You may think that it's just to check what your friends are up to and what's going on in their lives. But this is a bad habit that you need to break.

If you feel that you are checking your timeline too often, you should consider using the "pause" feature.

2. You get used to seeing what others are doing.

This is the very common reason that you have created a habit of checking most of the time on social mediaYou have gotten used to seeing what your friends are doing on social media and what's going on in their lives.

3. You are easily influenced by what others are doing.

Why do people get influenced by what their friends are doing on social media? people can become a little influenced by what they are doing and everyone can even copy their behaviors or lifestyle.

4. You want to look cool.

The world is changing. People are more concerned about looking good. This is why they post photos of themselves with what they are wearing. They want to show others what they are wearing.

5. You want to look up to others.

Why do people get influenced by what others are doing? You can also lookup to your friends and you can also learn from their mistakes and their success.

6. You are addicted to social media.

This is the very common reason why you are addicted to social media. You are so used to using social media that you cannot live without it.

7. You can't stop using social media.

You feel that you can’t live without social media. This is another reason why you are addicted to social media. You think that social media is a part of your life.

8. You feel alone.

Everybody is busy in their life and they don't have time for their loved ones. So the people feel like they are all alone and they have gotten addicted to social media. 

If you are addicted to social media, you can get help from your elders and friends. You can also get help from professionals who can help you to break your habit.


Till the next two decades, the responsibility of India's economy will be on these 46 crore children. But the challenge is that 70% of these children have become addicted to social media.

Even though this social media addiction is not taken seriously in our country, if we want, we can learn something from China in this matter. China made strict rules to protect its youth and children from online gaming and social media.

If we look at the whole world, then the average price of 1 GB data is around 320 rupees whereas in India the average price of 1 GB data is between 40 to 50 rupees. That is, the internet is a very cheap drug in India because the internet is available in our country at a very cheap price. Anyone can afford it, that's why people here are using the Internet in an unaccountable way and addicted to social media.

Social media has become a necessity in our daily lives. We can't go a day without using it. This is why we need to learn how to control our social media addiction.


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